Friday, April 07, 2006

Most embarrassing day of my life

This sounds like an essay you write when you are in primary school. Up till today, i have yet experienced anything so embarrassing. Make a guess? It has something to do with the MRT station. Previously, i got stuck in a gap on the floor and broke my strap. I had to walk to work in a funny manner.
Today was the ultimate. While i was boarding the train, my shoe hit upon the ledge of the train. And next, it was missing from my foot. The man standing beside me said,"I think your shoe has fallen into the hole." To my horror, i saw a bit of my shoe trapped in the gap between the ledge and the train.
Immediately, i stepped out of the train and walked semi-barefooted to look for help. I saw a station staff nearby and approached him.
"er, my shoe has dropped down the railway track."
Staff A replied,"Don't worry. You just stand aside and relax."
I thought: how to relak? so embarrassing. the commuters on the platform are piling up and they see this girl without one shoe
Staff A radioed for help and soon staff B appeared with a snake catcher. When the train had gone, he used it to hook up my shoe.
Yay, shoe rescued.
So MRT staff are essential. A BIG thank you. But then i had to fill in a form about their level of service. I complied cos they had helped me. I wrote: professional in their management (cos they din laugh at me. then again, mabbe something like that had happened before)
any embarrassing tales to share?


At 1:43 AM, Blogger Buckies said...

hey ..i always wondered what happens if my shoe fell into the big gap in between the train and the platform. Now we know they actually have tools to help pick things up from the tracks...;)

my most embarassing moment so far is to fall flat on a crowded bus while wearing a short skirt when i was in my teens ...haha ...hazukashii-na ~!!


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